About Us

I guess the title of this page is a little misleading. As you can see from my photo, there is only one “us” – Rosa Taormina. Considering I do the jobs of many people (web designer, maker, marketer, etc.), perhaps “us” is a fitting title.

By day, I am an assistant director at a local university business school. By night, you will find me in my sewing space, with the Juki TL 2000 QI humming away (in addition to the other two, non-semi-industrial, sewing machines that my husband does not understand why I need or have). However, he frequently benefits from my use of all those machines (one being a serger and the other, an all-purpose machine).

I have always been “crafty”. I used to sew pillows by hand out of my mom’s scrap fabric and I once made a [small] bookshelf for my bedroom out of my dad’s scrap wood. I have always taken pleasure in being able to make things. It gives me even greater pleasure to make things for other people.

Little Lemon Boutique (LLB) is returning from a five-year hiatus following the birth of my second daughter in 2015. It feels great to be back! Fun fact – LLB is named after my first [and only] furbaby, Liz Lemon. Liz is 12 years-old and is big sister to Valentina and Alessia.

In addition to the products you see available for purchase, I offer other sewing services. Please be in touch to learn more.