Dry Erase Board Wipes


Annoyed by traditional dry erase board erasers that clump up and the flecks inevitably end up all over the furniture or floor? Even worse is when you try to wipe it away and you end up spreading dry erase marker everywhere.

No more! These dry erase board wipes are washable and reusable. Sold as a set of three; when one gets dirty, toss it in the wash and break out a new one.

Great for remote learning!

Display photo is as an example of how to use these dry erase board wipes. White board and marker are for display purposes only and not included with this item.



Add-ons total:



These dry erase board wipes are made from 100% cotton terry cloth and flannel. Terry cloth on one side and flannel on the other. The flannel side is smooth and gentle on hands and the terry cloth fabric is great for really rubbing hard to get out marks.

Machine washable and dry-able!

Care: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low heat.

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